Terrazzo Floor Restoration & Refinishing Services


At Terrazzo Sarasota we restore terrazzo floors to a shine that can give a perfect reflection. Our 14 step process will leave your terrazzo shining like glass. Terrazzo Sarasota has been performing terrazzo floor restoration in Sarasota for many years. We have the terrazzo system that can make your terrazzo floors look great. Your terrazzo flooring will be ground down in order to start fresh. Our objective is to offer a terrazzo floor restoration that will return your terrazzo floor to its original look. That is where the fun starts.

Once we do that, we will start terrazzo polishing.

This terrazzo floor restoration will put a shine on your floor that the installer never thought possible. We have done many of these terrazzo restorations from Sarasota to Tampa and all over Florida. We will teach you proper terrazzo floor care as well as what terrazzo cleaners are best for your floor.

Our Terrazzorestorationblog.com site talks a lot about the origins of terrazzo and offers a world of knowledge. Please check out our blog and be the most knowledgeable person in your area in terrazzo refinishing.

Our Services Include:


Residential Terrazzo Restoration


Commercial Terrazzo Restoration


Chip and Hole Terrazzo Repair